Rumor has it that the rice we purchase in the stores is fake. There was an evidence found in a country in Asia that fake rice has been produced massively, even though people do not believe in this information. For that reason you need to pay close attention at what you are buying.

China was the first place this fake rice appeared for the first time. Then it appeared in Vietnam and India, i.e. countries where rice is the main meal. However, it can be found in Indonesia and Europe, but it is not present in the USA as of yet. Even brand companies use it. It looks like the real one, thus it is really hard to make a difference. The fake rice makes a lot of stomach issues.

The issue can be solved if you don’t consume the rice at all. There has been information that it contains potatoes and synthetic rest in it, while some say that there are chemicals, too. His is not the case in Malaysia where bigger markets have a serious control of the products, thus it is almost impossible to find it there. However, smaller markets may have it as they do not make this kind of control.

How to make a difference between the real and fake rice?

The best way to see this is by boiling the rice. The fake one will keep its form that it had before boiling which is not the case with real rice. It changes its form after it boils. Moreover, you may feel the plastic on your hands and it releases a weird smell.

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